DIY Solar 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Presented by:

Tom O'Connor

Solar expert Tom O’Connor, PE, will walk you through the nuts & bolts and dollars & cents of all things solar. From large commercial photovoltaic systems down to tiny garden lights, the scalability of solar presents plenty of opportunities. In addition to basic rooftop grid-tied systems, we’ll talk about audio systems, lights, pumps, fans, inverters, lawn mowers, ebike, chargers, car starters, and refrigerators.

Bring your solar questions and get real answers.

Tom O’Connor is a graduate of some of the finest educational institutions in all of Columbia, Missouri, including Grant Elementary School.

He is a licensed professional engineer, master electrician, and 40-plus year resident.

Tom’s company is H2O’C Solar Engineering, where he helps a wide variety of clients with solar energy and water issues.

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