Composting 101 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Presented by:

CIty of Columbia

A City of Columbia volunteer Master Composter will present this workshop on composting, natures way of recycling. Workshops are led by volunteers with experience and expertise in home composting. Compostables make up 34 percent of the material that goes
into landfill. Attendees who are City of Columbia residents will receive
a free composting bin to start diverting kitchen scraps and yard wastes
from the landfill while producing a nutrient rich fertilizer. To register to receive one of these free bins, search composting at or contact Volunteer Programs Specialist Jody Cook at jody.cook@CoMo.Gov or 573-874-6271.

City of Columbia Master Composters have experience and expertise in composting and have taken the Master Composter class.

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