The Perils of Plastic

Presented by Wade Welshons & Carolyn Amparan

What are the effects of plastic on the human body? What are the effects on our soils, water quality, and animal life? Can we get along in our plastic world or do we need to make changes to protect our future generations?

Join Wade Welshons and Carolyn Amparan for a look at how plastic has affected our world since its creation in 1907. Learn how we can avoid its perils and what, if anything, can be done to mitigate the damage. Carolyn and Wade will take your questions at the end of their presentation.

Keynote Address: 2pm-3:15

Dr. Wade Welsonsl is an associate professor at the University of Missouri and has been involved in research with Dr. Fred Vom Saal on the effects of estrogenic endocrine disrupting chemicals on fetal development . Their findings reveal that fetal tissues are extremely sensitive to much lower doses of endogenous estradiol and manmade estrogenic chemicals than had previously been appreciated.

Carolyn Amparan is Chair of the Executive Committee of the Osage Group of the Missouri Sierra Club and Membership Chair of the Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club. She was a leader in the local effort to ban single-use plastic bags in Columbia. In addition to encouraging a migration away from plastic, she is active in the movement to fight climate change. She finds her prior career in information technology in various technical, sales and marketing positions with AT&T and IBM to have provided great skills to be an effective citizen activist.