Why the Climate Crisis Can't Wait: Mobilizing to Save the World

Presented by John Fish Kurmann

Most people are acting as if we can wait and see if climate disruption will get bad and - if it does - then we can get serious about dealing with it, but the climate crisis isn't like any of the other pollution problems we've dealt with in the past. How do we convince people we're in an emergency even though they don't feel it yet? What do we need to do if we do convince them?

A panel of Carolyn Amparan (Sierra Club), George Laur (Citizens Climate Lobby) and Frankie Hawkins (Mizzou Energy Action Coalition) will join John Fish Kurman to answer questions and discuss how people can make a difference when it comes to climate change.

Keynote address will take place from 2-3:30.

John Fish Kurmann is a community activist and writer living in Kansas City. He works primarily on culture change, climate and energy, but has also been an advocate on overpopulation, overconsumption and food over the last 22 years.

He traces his passion for saving the world to seeing the film Soylent Green at the drive-in when he was about 8 years old, but he didn't get serious about saving the world until he was 28, chronically depressed, and living in the Kansas City area, when he realized he didn't have to wait for "somebody (else) to do something." He helped found an organization called Mid-Missourians for Safe Food while living in Columbia in 1990.