Going GREEN is in for 2016, but what are some ways to implement that in your everyday life?

Just how important is the existential threat of climate change and what can you do about it? John Fish Kurmann of 350KC will give the keynote address at the event and he's going to explain how important you are to the cause.

The many workshops and tours at the 2016 Sustainable Living Fair have a lot to offer you in your quest for sustainability! Spend the day getting answers to your questions on a wide variety of topics.

When you are talking about gardening and food, what are some ways to get the most out of a small space? Just how, for example, do you set up a compost bin? What do you put in it? And what do you do then? Hmm. . . What are some nutrient dense foods that you can include in your diet? What is the best way to cook them?

When you are talking about home energy, what is the most important thing to consider when trying to reduce cost and usage? What does a house using solar look like?

What about bike transportation? What are the things to know when switching to this new mode of transportation to work?

There are so many questions, and no better place to look for answers than at the 2016 Sustainable Living Fair, mid-Missouri’s premier sustainability educational and networking event. It’s coming up Sunday, September 25th from 10:30am - 5:00pm. And it’s all free!

You can even go out on free tours to see, firsthand, what solar power does for the homeowner! We will have 2 tours at the event so you can see how it all works and ask questions of the owner or installer.

Co-sponsored this year by the City of Columbia Office of Sustainability and located at Columbia’s City Hall at 8th and Broadway, in the heart of downtown, the SLF will offer something for everyone. From the philosophical to the eminently practical, you’ll find ample opportunities to learn as well as the chance to meet some of the most exciting, forward-thinking folks in the mid-Missouri area.