Slflogosmall 2015


The 2015 Sustainable Living Fair is coming right up and we hope you’ll be able to join us for this excellent free event. Plan on coming to City Hall, in downtown Columbia, on Saturday, Oct. 17. We’ll be learning about and celebrating sustainable living. We also hope that in preparing for the SLF that you’ll find this website useful. With a few clicks you can see the schedule of events, and find out more about the workshops, tours and the keynoter. A few more clicks, and you can see which organizations are co-sponsoring the SLF and which will have booths there. If you have questions or need more info, please feel free to call us at 573-875-0539 or shoot us a note at

Fair Features

- Nine on-site workshops offering insights into earth-friendly lifestyles, sustainability philosophy, as well as practical, hands-on experience in various aspects of sustainable living. 

- Three off-site tours to green, efficient and solar buildings and solar electric generating facilities. These last just one hour to 75 minutes each.

- An inspiring keynote speaker who will share insights into the current state of local food production in our region and the potential to dramatically expand this.

- Approximately two dozen educational booths will be set up inside and outside the Columbia City Hall at Eighth & Broadway.

- The opportunity to meet and network with sustainability-minded folks from throughout mid-Missouri.

- Ample free parking, for those who drive, in nearby city parking garages. 

- Many excellent options to purchase food at nearby restaurants, or you can go the frugal route, brownbag and picnic at or outside City Hall.

See the list of workshops